Volunteers Needed!

Due to a shortage of volunteer helpers, we are having to close at lunchtime on Mondays and Tuesdays. Could spare an hour or so once a week to help us stay open? No previous experience required. Please contact us if you are interested!

Cabin Car scooter on loan

In January and February we had a fully-enclosed Cabin Car mobility scooter for demonstration, on loan from Wenman Healthcare. This has now gone to a new owner, but let us know if you would like to see other equipment...

A Scooter for a Rugby Star

Wasps and England Rugby star Dan Robson hired one of our scooters when he injured his leg. Click on the title above then on Dan Robson’s video to see a short video of him returning it afterwards. Thanks to Dan for giving us permission to include it here! Also...

Free Accessible Leamington Leaflet Updated

We have updated our very popular free Accessible Leamington leaflet. Click on the title above, then download it here – Accessible Leamington – or pick up a printed copy at our shop or the Town Hall. The new version has the latest information about cafes...

Scooters and Power Chairs For Sale

We currently have a few second-hand scooters and powered wheelchairs for sale. We cannot guarantee them, but we have checked that they are working and they are much cheaper than new ones. Please give us a call or pop in to see what’s available!